Dave Grohl loves our work

Marc at Third Story had a call a while back from a producer working with Dave Grohl. Apparently he loved the Chuck Brown clip we shot in SE DC a few years back and wanted to use some footage in his upcoming Doc series. He must have really liked it because it took us months to find the negative and ship it to the US, but they kept hassling us.

The series is about American Music and is called Sonic Highway. Here's the link to the trailer, including a nanosecond of our footage. Sonic Highway - Dave Grohl

The ultimate test of a films quality is its ability to remain valuable and important over time. It's something that only happens rarely, so thanks to Dave for taking notice.

Here's a link to the original clip - Chuck Brown - Numbers Game

.......and here's a link to Nirvana's 'Smell's like Teen Spirit' which was the first time I noticed Dave Grohl's work - Nirvana's 'Smell's like Teen Spirit'

Thanks to Marc Ryan (Prod), Andy Commis (DP) and William Zitser (Editor) for their help on the clip. Also Tom Goldfogle and Chuck.