Jalanan - A very special documentary

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of Jalanan. It was made by a guy Daniel Ziv, one of those mercurial people that just about everyone in Jakarta knows (expat and local).

I'm always sceptical when I go and see films like this. It's just so hard to make a great observational social documentary and I lower my expectations. But I'm happy to say that Jalanan is a truly great film on an international level. I cried, I laughed. I learnt about Indonesia and Indonesians, and about Jakarta.  Daniel spent 6 years working on the film and it was long enough to generate a complete story arc as we follow three musicians who lived on the street of Jakarta.

The editing was beyond great so I chased the editor down the hallway after the screening

His name is Ernest Hariyanto and he runs a post house in Ubud. Bali.

The sound and image quality of the film was top notch. I found out he'd worked at Fin in Sydney, which is/was a top boutique post house when I last lived there. He explained how, now we have the cheaper tools, he wanted to take high end production values into social and documentary work! He is certainly talking my language and I can't wait to get a juicy project to take his way.

Keep an eye out for the film. I hope it gets into general release.

Congratulations to Daniel and the crew.

Film Website: http://www.jalananmovie.com/#n=film

Ernest's website: http://ernesth.com/