Cassava Republic Press

Cassava Republic Press is run by my good friends Jeremy and Bibi. It's an amazing publishing company promoting African literature to Africans.

In this short video, Bibi explains why culture and imagination are so important for Africa and Nigeria.

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To buy some of their books from their expanding catalogue go to

Ise Oluwa

I filmed Ola singing Ise Oluwa (e-shay o-loo-wah) outside the King's Palace in Abeokuta. It's was a beautiful moment. 

The song is a Christian Yoruba song which roughly translated means that 'What god has made cannot be undone'. 

Shyla Nelson, who I was filming with, plans to have people all around the world sing the song as a way of encouraging us to take care of the planet.

You can find out more about her project here -

The Apo Mechanics Village

As an outsider, it's possible to look at Nigeria in two ways. You can scoff because nothing is done 'properly' like it is back home, or you can can marvel at the energy, spirit and ingenuity. I choose the latter approach.

This is a short film about the Apo Mechanics Village just outside of Abuja. No one can keep a car running for longer than these guys.

Filmed by Jolyon Hoff, Sound by Agu C.J. and edited by the ever talented Naheed Bilgrami.

Banned Nigerian Filmmaker

This is a video profile I did with Nigerian Filmmaker Ishaya Bako. His latest film Fuelling Poverty has just been banned by the Nigerian Film and Census Board.

I'm not sure whether he's young and naive, or just really very brave. The Nigerian oil subsidy scheme which his film portrays is worth billions of dollars - of which a large amount is 'misappropriated'.

It is people like Ishaya who give me hope for Nigeria's future.

Photos from the Alaafin's Palace in Oyo.

I found myself at the Alaafin's Palace and took some photos. Thetraditional religions and cultures here are strong in that they are still respected, but they are also challenged by Christianity, Islam and other political and religious power bases. It's interesting to watch the people dance between the various conflicting cultural ways of living. Personally I find the stories and myths of the Yoruba fascinating and they remind me of the Greek myths I used to read and love when I was young.